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15 décembre 2013

My family, My friends

My parents are divorced since I was three years. My father lives 10 minutes from Marseille and my mother lives in Brassac.

I have a brother and sister who were 28 and 26 years.

Anthony, a geek like me, who has studied Designer

Emilie and working with funeral directors.


My friends are Thomas, Anthony, Julien, Benjamin, Sylvain Vincent, Nathaniel, and Quentin.

Thomas is the one who always seeks the good plans.

Anthony is passionate. He is asked a question about video games, it will respond with an unheard of precision.

Julien is one who is delegated with me. Always late to meetings 5 minutes ;)

Benjamin is the first class.

Sylvain is one who never smile even if he is happy as stated Mr.Vermeersch my history teacher ;)

Vincent, the one who is always hungry.

Nathanael, who is video games at the best prices.

and Quentin, always a joke in reserve.

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My daily activities

During the week, I get up at 6:00 because my bus arrives at 7:10. I spent 9:30 in high school. My bus gets me at 17:30 and I arrived home at 18:00. I review my lessons, I do my homework, and I'm on my computer.

In Weekend, I sleep a little more. When I wake up, I go back to my favorie occupation: creating websites and forums.

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My high school

I'm at the Lycee Henri Sainte Claire Deville in Issoire.
I think it's great.
There, I'm a formation of ELEEC
The school website (in French)

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My favorite singer: Michael Jackson

Biography :

Michael Jackson, born 29 August 1958 in Gary (Indiana), died June 25, 2009 in Los Angeles (California), is a singer, dancer, choreographer, singer-songwriter American actor

Songs :

He did a lot of songs but my favorite remains Billie Jean.

If like me, you like it, here is the list of songs :

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